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Friday, 4 January 2013

Pink leopard print nail art!


I found these on my Instagram wall and I had to give them a go! They look complicated but truth be told they are super easy and have a great after effect!

I have been a goon again and forgotten to photo the steps (I'm too eager!) but all you need is a pale base, a few small splodges of bright colour, and then copy the black outline on the picture! The black must not join up and putting random black dots fills the nails up more.

The nail polishes used are:
Base in: Always Sheer Camisole by Revlon
Dark pink splodges and black in: 0512 by Rio Professional Nail Art

Thanks for reading! Comment ideas on what I should do next!



I will try my hardest to reply to all of your lovely comments! If I have too many (i highly doubt that!) then a big THANK YOU for commenting is in order! I love you all :) Stay sparkly x