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Friday, 4 January 2013

10 reasons winter is fab!

There are so many reasons why summer is just marvellous but think positive! These are my top ten reasons why winter is fab! In no particular order…

1. Shopping! Almost every shop has a humongous “SALE” sign on the window, which means using your Christmas bonuses to the full extent! Lots of cuddly knitted jumpers to keep you toasty when going outside. Its just a bonus that they're in fashion at the moment!
hot chosphoto  from
2. Soup and hot chocolate! Of course both of these are consumed during all seasons but having a warm bowl of soup after going for a brisk cold walk seems much more appealing than after going to the beach! Hot chocolates with whipped cream, sprinkles and all the rest is my perfect winter drink keeping me toasty.

3. Snow! There are both pros and cons with snow. My inner child gets extremely exited when she looks outside to see heaps of the white stuff! Building snowmen, snowball fights, sledging and of course days off school! I can remember standing next to the radio on a snowy morning waiting for my school to be called off, yet our head master always made us go to school! Was it only our school or was yours strict on snow days too?
However there is the grumbling old lady inside me when I look out of the window to snow! Knowing your going to have to defrost your car and shovel snow and the awful sludge of after snow which always leaves your feet dripping wet!
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4. Bubble baths! How relaxing does a refreshing bubble bath sound after a shoulder hunching, teeth chattering day! Whack out the bubble bath, stick on the radio and chillax! (It even hurt to write that word believe me!)

5. Slippers! Who wears slippers in the summer right? Well saying that the cold floor in the mornings can make anyone clamber back into bed! My favourite slippers are Primark, there boots so they don’t slip off when I go downstairs (grr) and they have fluffy linings so my feet stay snugly warm until I have to stick them into muddy boots! Fun!

6. Lazy days! I don’t know if its just me but in the summer, or at least when the suns out, I feel as if I'm not making the most of the sun by sitting inside. But in the winter you can look at the people outside your window in all your warm smugness as they power walk through the 50mph winds. Watching cute films by the fire is also a winter must, which brings me swiftly onto my next point!

7. Fires! I'm on about two types of fires when I say fire! The first would be the one in your home, the one that in the picture perfect home your cat would curl up next to to stay warm, then all of your family would smile and laugh and watch the fire for hours on end. In reality, it would be me and my sister elbowing each other out of the way so we get more heat, while my mum is sat holding a guinea pig and my dad would be… doing dad things?
The other fire is the awesome camp fires where you toast marshmallows and make American style smores. (If you haven't heard of a smore before then I suggest Googling it!) Singing camp songs and putting more and more on the the heap of wood to see what would burst into flames the best! Just me? Oh okay…
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8. Big scarf's! For the days in which a jacket would be too warm, but without a jacket I would be too cold a scarf is my best bet! The big warm fluffy kind that you can hide your face in cringe worthy situations, pull right up to your ears because they turn red and numb! I cant remember what there called but the kind of scarf's that look like a really big doughnut? You wrap it round twice and your sorted! And you can never have too many scarf's!

9. Lights! Oh they are so beautiful! If only we had them all year round! Putting them up makes us all feel Christmassy inside like someone has just turned a Christmas light in our heads! I'm not going to ramble on about lights because there are so many I could go on for hours! But just think… Christmas lights… feel better? Your welcome Winking smile

10. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! No words needed!
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What do you love about winter? Leave me a comment  will reply to all!


  1. Lovely post I love hot chocolates during this time of year too xx

    1. Thank you! With lots of whipped cream haha! x

  2. Great post! Also, it looks like you're already better at blogger haha! How do you do the little thank you bit at the bottom by the comments? :)

    1. Windows live writer! have a look through your programs now you may have it! Thank you so much it means alot :)

  3. This is a perfect list of reasons to love winter! My favourite reason (no 10) has just gone but you made me remember all the other reasons :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! Yes its hard to remember when you think of all the ice cream and such in summer!

      P.s I followed you back :)


  4. I hate winter I literally ha-te it! I am a summer person and love the sunshine and the sea. BUT I have to admit that these are some really good reasons to like winter :)

    P.S: I forget to write things on calendars too, usually after March :P

    1. I do love summer also! But i thought if i put these points up people may think to love it haha! Thats where phones come in handy!


  5. My favourites are baths & lazy days! :) I pretty much agree with all of the above except snow! I hate snow - it looks pretty but so disfuctional! lol
    LaceyLoves x

    1. They are so chill this time of the year! I guess getting to work etc can be annyoying and unsafe in the snow!


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