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Thursday, 3 January 2013

First ever nail art attempt! Pixar nails

from left to right: Monsters Inc, Incredibles, Walle, Toy Story, Cars
Two different lighting was used in these pictures I couldn't decide which I preferred!DSC03322

I have just brought the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit and have completely fell in love with it! I was up all last night trying out different effects and styles and I may do a review on the product later because I just love it to pieces!

These are pictures of my very first attempt at using the kit to have nail art fingers but as scruffy as they may look to a professional, I am very proud of them! I love all Pixar films but I have chosen out of them to do my favourites on my nails! The easiest to do was the Walle sign as all I had to do was a big red dot with an E in the middle! I don’t have a hardest however because I find the challenging ones more fun to do and a prouder outcome in the end!

I will start doing tutorials soon I promise! Just let me fiddle about a bit so I know what my strengths are Winking smile

Thanks for reading!


  1. They're good! I couldn't do that! I love the Monsters Inc. one!


  2. These are so good! I really don't know how people do nail art on both hands, using my right hand is fine but when its the lefts turn it all goes messy!xx

    1. I am exactly the same! I use my right hand for experiments on different polishes! I may put a blog about it some day!


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