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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Film strip nail art TUTORIAL!


I can hear old women fainting and little screaming at the fact I am uploading a day early and I have done a tutorial! Okay maybe not but I'm super exited anyway. I got inspiration from a Youtuber called Packapunchpolish and of course mine aren't even as close to amazing as hers but I've given it a good go and am very happy with the outcome! Without further a do here's the tutorial!

1) DSC03364
Here's my nails to start off with. My base coat is by BarryM. Wait for this to dry.

2) DSC03366
Then coat your nails in a white polish. I used Number 7 but I need to get a new bottle as its very streaky.

3) DSC03370
Using a black polish and a small brush, do a line at the top and bottom of your nail like shown, and lines randomly in-between at these will be the strips. As you can see I don't do lines very well!

4) DSC03373
Fill in these black lines a the top and bottom with small rectangle white shapes.

5) DSC03377
I didn't have time to take a picture after every colour, but starting with the yellow polish, blend to green, to light blue, to dark blue, to purple, to red and finally orange. This is done by painting the colour on hold your nail, the next colour on the other side of your nail and mixing the colours in between, or if that's too difficult, put a black line in-between like strips! (Cheat!)

6) DSC03371
While waiting for it to dry you can admire my cupcake pyjama bottoms from Primark!

7) DSC03398
After wiping the most of the polish of the sides of your nails, add some subtle glitter to the colour, and after that's dry coat with transparent coating because otherwise it will run off!

8) DSC03396
I added a Disney Mickey mouse ears to my thumb. I don't know why. Spur of the moment. Don't judge me Winking smile

And that's it! I think they look super cool however unprofessional I am ha-ha! If you have any ideas for me to do don't forget to comment below and I will reply! Thanks for reading!

P.S. This is why I don't photograph my right hand! Its like a disaster zone on there I don't know how I do it, just talent for mucking up that hand ha-ha!DSC03400


  1. Awesome! I'm left handed so my left hand always looks terrible!

  2. bahh love it! so i had to share it. with everyone i know.

    till next time

    1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  3. Awesome nailsss!!! I want it too! I love your jim jams from Primark. As well as I love primark but sadly we dint have it here

    1. I go to the one in oxford its fab! Thank you!


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