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Monday, 7 January 2013

My Pacman nails!


I'm not very happy with the outcome of these nails. I think the alien doesn't look very good and you cant really see what the circuit looks like because the colours are too similar! Also I cant apologise enough at the excess black nail polish at the sides of my fingers! I tried using a cotton bud but its very stubborn ha-ha! I will have to do the washing up soon I guess! Ahh well it was worth a try.

Polishes used were all from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit! (Hmm its so lovely!)
I have just set up an Instagram account (*cough cough* rosiesnailart *cough cough*) and found out so many people that do nail art too! Of course I've seen people that enjoy nail art before but there are literally hundreds on Instagram! I got all over exited and commented and liked all night long and forgot about my blog! Darn!

I've just stated college again so I will be doing blogs in the evening and on the weekends!
Thanks for reading!

P.S Comment on what nail art I should try next! The more creative the better!


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