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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Random nail art!

PicMonkey Collage


I change my nail polish art fairly regularly but often don't post about it! Either because I cannot be bothered, or I don't know what to say about it or I just don't like it! Here are two I have done recently but not posted yet!


Firstly I deeply apologise about the polish at the side of my nails! I think its such a hassle and almost always take pictures straight after painting them so I don't take of the polish till later! Bad blogger! *slaps hand*. Anyway these were very simple to do, just orange nails, you can see what to do in black on all fingers, and then Garfield's face on the thumb. I didn't get on with these nails as I don't think the colour suits my skin tone but give them a go they are cute!


These are the Minions from the film Despicable Me, and I think these are adorable! I smudged the eye on my pinkie but cleared up the out side of my nail woo! These were easy to do with black nail polish on a yellow base with blue tips! Just so cute!

These are Winnie the Pooh nails! Very simple to do with blue backgrounds and original Winnie the pooh pictures such as the bee and the flower! The thumb was my friends inspiration of birds in a cloud. I took this on my phone so sorry about the quality I must have forgot to take a proper picture on my camera!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog post to see what it's about! :)

    1. Aaaah how exiting! Thank you so much it means SO MUCH! I will do a blog post on it asap! Thank you!


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