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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Soap & Glory Review on my top 5 beauty products

Hello! I am a HUGE Soap & Glory fan and fall in love with their products every time! (Well sometimes!) I thought i would review my top five beauty products that i have used (out of the 20 products i have!), for other people to be inspired to get these products! I am not paid by them and my views are completely honest to give you the best opinion! These are in no particular order and enjoy reading!
scrub your nose in it
1. SCRUB YOUR NOSE IN IT: This is a mask and scrub formula used to “leave skin looking brighter and more radiant”.  I would recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin types because it can dry out the skin. However when i used it i found it to work miracles! My skin feels tight straight after using and feels fresh for the rest of the day. This product does not get rid of black heads but does gives a more even complexion after using about once a week. 8/10
ritous butter
2. THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER:  This product is a body butter for very dry skin and is one of my favourite products! I buy this over and over again, it moisturises particularly well and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and well, moisturised! I love the scent of all Soap & Glory products but this is my favourite  as i have the smell all over my body! I found this is great after shaving my legs to keep them soft. 10/10
hand food
3. HAND FOOD: This is a hydrating hand cream, great for softening hands as well as moisturising. The smell is magnificent and i only needed a tiny bit on my fingers to use all over my hands well. Another bonus of this product is that it didn't leave my hands feeling greasy or sticky, just smooth and soft! I recommend using this on a daily basis if you have a job that requires you to use your hands a lot, and occasionally when your hands feel dry, especially during winter. 9/10
4. GIRLIGO: This is a spray-on body moisturising mist which smells fantastic! I do often wear this on my neck and wrists as a perfume the smell is that good! However it is advertised to moisturise and i do not believe it does this very well as just leaves skin wet, but dries our soon enough, the smell stays all day long though! I wouldn't advice using this product to moisturise but as a perfume spray that lasts all day long! 9/10
suagr crush
5. SUGAR CRUSH: This is a body scrub and i found it best used in the shower. It includes smashed brown sugar which exfoliates the skin from all dead skin cells, and after washed off my skin felt soft, supple and smelling marvellous! A bonus with this product is that you only need a tiny bit for each section of your body to exfoliate it fully and leaving skin gloriously radiant! My most favourite product! 10/10

Friday, 28 December 2012

Why I am here today

Hello :)
My name is Rosie from the information box you may have already seen and I am just starting out on this internet world! I have watched YouTube videos for however long I can rememberer, however its been only recently I have watched people "Vlogging" and talking to a camera, giving people advice and entertainment for the viewer, and these videos were getting thousands of views and many comments saying how they had made them laugh or how they agree with the view made. I decided I wanted to join this community only about a month ago and uploaded my first YouTube video on the 27th of November 2012, doing a Sibling tag with my sister HERE. After tweeting about it and on other various sites (not Facebook I was too scared for that) I received about 40 views, and to me that was a very proud achievement that people wanted to watch me in videos! I also created a Best Friend tag HERE which received 100 views! And that's where I am today :) I have just ordered a Rio Professional Nail Art Kit and plan to upload YouTube videos including me doing a nail art tutorial as I love nail art and simply having colourful, creative nails!

A YouTuber which caught my eye was Zoella, a beauty and life style vlogger. Her bubbly personality and close YouTube sensation friends made her entertaining to watch! After some research I found out she had a blog which is where she started out from. I didn't know what a blog was or what it did and after seeing her page it completely inspired me to start Blogging! (Her Blog is HERE) Her amazing photography, beauty reviews and words on what she was up to was very entertaining and kept me amused for hours! I wanted to make blogs just like her, so here I am today!

After rambling on about how I got here I'm just going to say what I propose to create in the future!
I will upload YouTube videos about nails and nail art on this channel and hope to do them every Sunday!
And write reviews, post photos and tell you stories on this blog which you are reading!

Hopefully this will be a start of a very sparkly future :)

Thank you for reading see you soon!